A General Idea of Digital Advertising for Muslim Marketing

Digital advertising is a very important aspect of marketing, and digital marketing too. Without digital advertising or digital marketing in general, many consumers wouldn’t know your product, brand or service even existed due to the fact of high competition exposure already in the world of marketing.

In a more digitized global community, people now have the ability to access digital communication platforms that offer digital marketing and online advertising channels through them. The beautiful thing about the online community is that more and more countries are starting to connect to the internet. With that said, more people in those countries are starting to use digital technology every day, hence making the world more digitized. Digital advertising is a very important factor in that sense. Growth, and the way modern day businesses conduct themselves has changed drastically due to the fact that people are becoming symbiotic with the growth of the digital world.

Understanding the Basics of Online Advertising Tools

Digital advertising is a very important aspect of the modern digital world. Without digital marketing or digital advertising, we wouldn’t be able to advertise our products or services to the right community, with more focus.  What I mean by this, is that digital advertising software, such as Google Adwords, and Social Media Advertising Platforms are capable to do more centralized and focused targeted marketing campaigns that meet your target markets or geographical interests. Online advertising, also known as PPC, Paid Ads, Paid Media, Digital Advertising, media buying, and so on can also help small to medium-sized businesses compete with bigger, larger branded names. In a way, it gives entrepreneurs a way to compete and gain more market share from businesses that are already established.

If you have a unique product or service that caters to a certain group of people, marketing that product or service on social media, or through search advertising networks, can help you directly send your marketing messages and campaigns to that group of consumers. That’s if you’re using their paid advertising services.

You can create a unique plethora of content to be focused down a specific PPC marketing channel. PPC Marketing can help you promote your brand, products, mission, services, promotions, and more through a variety of paid advertising channels.

Online Advertising & Digital Marketing Analytics

One thing that’s amazing about digital marketing, is the ability to track consumer data. By using marketing tags, we can track page views, events, or other variety of interactions (such as clicks, or form submissions) to help better understand what content is driving conversions, and what marketing campaigns are driving traffic. Having a variety of marketing tags that are relevant to your data’s analytic approach can also help you identify not only better future marketing online plans, but they can also direct the way you want to make your content curated for future marketing campaigns, blogs, landing pages, or even fliers. Meaning, you get a better understanding of what consumers are thinking and doing, therefore, you can you can modify your creatives more diligently.

You can better understand what your consumer market is thinking, by how they interact with your website (or advertisements), such as reading the data where consumers make a conversion, and what digital advertising space the traffic has come from. This helps you achieve a better understanding of what your consumers really are thinking and doing on your web pages, and perhaps what kind of product or services are hot for the season.

Understanding what consumers are doing on your website, and how they interact with your marketing campaigns by using valued analytical marketing metrics and KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators), you’ll be more capable of building a better niche market identifier.

Digital analytics and its data will help you build a better persona for your target markets. It can also give you the power to better understand what your consumers are thinking, in regards to your brand, product, website, and more. Data can also help you identify if people are buying your products or services throughout the fiscal year. helping to see if you should provide promotions throughout holidays, or garner events on specific days throughout the year? Getting to understand your target market’s interaction with your online advertisements, and website, will only better your future marketing tactics on all levels. Having such useful data will only help you more in bettering your goals and conversions. Better conversions only lead to more and more sales.

How Does Digital Advertising Help Your Business?

How does software such as Social Media Advertising and Search Engine Advertising software help you as a business? Well, for starters, they follow a certain kind of logic. This logic developed in their algorithm is supposed to provide users of their systems (meaning consumers) exactly what they are interested in. Companies like Google and Facebook care about the people who use their services and products.

Facebook, being a social media company, care about what you see in your news feeds. Subsequently, they also care about what kind of advertisements you see too.

The same premise can be said about Google. If you’re using Google’s search engine to find a specific product, service, or maybe a specific article recently written by your favourite publisher, then Google will do whatever it can to give you the information you seek, based off the keywords you’ve entered into their search engine search bar. You’ll find organic and paid ads in Google’s search engine when you look for something. Realistically, they all should be relevant to your search query.

What Do All These Digital Advertising Software’s Have in Common?

There are lots of factors when it comes to providing relevant topics based on groups and interests (social media), as well as keywords written in search engine queries, but the number one goal of all these company’s advertising software (and preferably the number one goal of their business model) is to not send you spam information. The last thing a company such as Google, Twitter, or Facebook wants to do, is to provide you with is something called irrelevant content, also known as spam.

Why Is Spam Bad for Online Advertising?

Once you’re bogged down with irrelevant spam, you’ll naturally start to lose confidence in that company’s duly noted algorithm who’s job is supposed to provide you with what’s relevant for your search or interest. As a digital marketer, if I catch wind that the algorithm is not providing me optimized consumer impressions, then I’ll stop wasting my advertising spend (money) with that company. Essentially, it’s a win-win for company’s who have advertising platforms to make sure marketers can identify their target markets and to ensure that relevant content, as well as advertisements, be seen by users who meet a marketers consumer identification/interests. With that said, since company’s like Facebook, Bing, and Google want to provide you with what’s relevant to your search queries, they do whatever they can to also help advertisers (such as myself) send out content that is identifiable to specific market groups, or to a specific keyword you know your market is searching for in search engines.

Because people can be a lot more identifiable nowadays, based on the notion that the internet is data-based and data-driven, we digital marketers can focus more of our time making sure we know who’s interested in what specific products or services our client’s offer. We can then set up marketing campaigns that drive conversions towards that niche market through PPC platforms. Once you make a digital marketing plan and provide the packaged content you want to send out for marketing conversions, you’re going to want to use data to optimize your strategies. We use digital analytics to identify KPI’s that will better our approach to our current marketing campaigns and future digital marketing strategies.

Online Advertising for the Muslim Market

In Islam, people have an identifiable nature, due to the fact that they’re Muslims. Whenever you practice the religion of Islam, you are following a set of rules. By following a set of rules, you’re going to want to join interest groups and other community activities that fulfil those needs. With that said, there are plenty of products and services Muslims seek in order to fulfil those activity needs. Depending on the activity, it’s location, and the type of objectives, and the goals they have, they’ll associate specific keywords related to their activities. People can advertise their products to those who join special interest groups on social media or write on search engines using a variable of keywords that relate to a specific product or brand.

Muslim Marketing and Online Advertising Example

For instance, I recently Googled search “Bakhur Burners” and I was welcomed by search engine result listings from Amazon.com, and more (primarily in the paid advertising section).

There are also competitor ads in the search engine from E-commerce pages that have listed Bakhur Burners as one of their selling products.

If I’d selected Bukhur Burner as an interest in my social media profile, you can definitely expect me to see some Bhakur Burner paid advertisements in the future to come through social media (if there are any ads out there for Bhakur Burners).

This is the age of digital advertising on the world wide web, and I hope this article has proven to be fruitful for you, concentrated in the field of Islamic, Halal, and Muslim Marketing. In Sha Allah, you Marketers interested in the Muslim world will understand the importance of using paid online advertising for search engines and social media marketing.

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