What You Need to Know Before Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency

The digital marketing world is a very vast sea of skills and information. As a savvy business owner, new business owner, or someone interested in the world of digital marketing, it’s important to understand that digital marketing as a root terminology incorporates many focuses under its umbrella. Even though digital marketing may be understood all on its own from basic terms, not all agencies practice digital marketing the same way. This means that agencies are not all the same, nor are their services or outcomes the same.

Here are a few things you need to know before working with an agency or digital marketer.

Not All Digital Marketers or Agencies Are the Same

Digital marketing is a very unique field in the world of business. Half of the time you are spending in the world of digital marketing, you are aiming to either appease human viewers or spending time for robots to better understand the content you offer them.

When you go looking for a digital marketer, it’s important for you to understand at least the basics of digital marketing, and what parts of digital marketing may benefit your business.

In the halal industry, there are many different ways you can use digital marketing, to help your business grow into a lucrative business, but most importantly, you can better connect with a community who can be interested in your service. Whether it’s being found on search engines, or you want to display the environment of your restaurant or stores, it’s best to understand your target market first, and then aim to offer them the right information you want to offer them, through the most effective channels.

Now, the question is, how does one actually use digital marketing to send the right information down the right channel?

This is what we call digital marketing strategies, and be weary! Not all, but most agencies you come across care about making money off of you first before they give you the results you are looking for. This relates more to smaller digital agencies, looking to grow and make a profit, while other agencies obtaining high valued services are getting paid half a million dollars (give or take) from a well-known brand to do a variety of digital marketing services, and ideally, these agencies have the time to spend to provide the most qualified strategies for these half a million dollar paying brands.

So believe me when I say this, if you are not paying half a million dollars to a specific branded agency, you can expect a strategy that is mostly watered down.

Again, as a disclaimer, this is more relevant in comparison to an agency that wants to offer high valued services vs. agencies that want to make money and grow as a priority.

Business is business as usual for the most part, but you are going to want to make sure that you know what digital marketing is first before you talk to someone to do digital marketing for your business and offers you a contract.

Which leads to my next point

Not All Digital Marketing Agencies Offer the Same Contracted Services

As a consumer, looking for digital marketing services, some agencies offer a package, including social media, PPC, SEO, and a variety of channels. If that’s what you’re looking for, great, but you must identify the work they offer you.

You may be paying money only for inbound marketing services, such as email marketing, but are you sure you are generating the right traffic, from the right channels to help with your contextualized drip campaigns in email marketing?

Are you paying too much money for search ads, and not enough for social media ads, or vice versa depending on your target market?

How do you know you are not paying for a short term blog strategy, that may sound good on paper, but doesn’t result in effective long term SEO strategies?

Are your blogs you are paying for not suitable for repurposing, such as using them in email blasts or on social media?

You may be paying for something that turns out to not provide the result you wanted, only because, the contract you paid for stated a certain amount of blogs written, or a certain amount of time worked in fixing your website, or a certain type of social media strategy contested by competitors with better marketing?

There are lots of reasons why you would want the assistance of a digital marketer or agency, but it’s important to know that, not all agencies offer you what you need as a brand, strategy, or service.

Things to Watch out for When Hiring a Digital Marketer or Agency

If you are consulting with a digital marketer, and they seem somewhat unsure of the ideas you are bringing them, not because they are re-analyzing your tactics for better alternatives, but because they may not know what to say or provide more intuitive advice for a better strategy, that should be a red flag. A red flag of this sort is a good indicator that you may not want to deal with this specific digital marketer, or the agency probing for a deal.

I have come across so many agencies, that have employees working for them that don’t have the skill sets needed to provide the best outcome for their clients. So it’s best to ask the digital marketer, or consultant (not a sales representative) how they can better grow your business with the services provided.

If they highlight areas of improvement, which makes sense, and you are also intrigued with the conversation provided, there is a good chance you could be working well with this agency or digital marketer for the future.

So, Should You Hire an Agency or Digital Marketer?

In conclusion, if you really want to be known as a brand, or a business, then yes you should be doing digital marketing. If you don’t want your brand or business to be found by consumers, then stay away from the internet and the majority of buyers won’t be able to find or identify your brand and business.

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