Search Engine Optimization for the Muslim Market

Asalaam Alaikum!

Today we will cover some parts of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and how it will affect your Halal business. If you are a Muslim consumer, you’re definitely using the internet to find valued products or services online or using the internet to find those products or services within your local area. It’s just the way it is nowadays. The whole entire world is becoming more digital and mobile friendly, this also includes the next generation of Muslim and Halal product consumers.

Having Your Muslim Business Found Using SEO

So why do you, a business owner who may have a halal product or a service catered to the Muslim consumer group need to know more about SEO? Because, lots of your competition, whether they are Muslim run businesses meeting halal consumer needs, or they are your everyday run of the mill store providing the same product that meets halal standards; the importance for you to know SEO is to help your business, your brand, your halal products and services become found on the internet by Muslim consumers who are searching in search engines, such as Google and Bing.

For instance, on 04/29/2016 MCG (Muslim Consumer Group) has validated the authenticity of Galbani Precious: Fresh Mozzarella Cheeseto meet the halal standard by MCG certification procedure.

Any supermarket in your neighbourhood could be a carrier of Galbani Precious: Fresh Mozzarella Cheese, but let’s say your brand has the ability to compete in the halal market, within the trade of halal mozzarella cheese, you’ll need to communicate that message online to the Muslim consumer group. You will also need to help consumers looking for halal mozzarella cheese to be able to find you, your brand, your store, or your service on search engines, because most consumers are searching search engines for relevant results to their search queries.  You can help your brand, product or service be found using valuable Local SEO and generic SEO tactics and strategies.

Muslim Keywords

There’s a saying: “the consumer is always right” Well, in this case, for the halal industry, they are always right. Here is why Muslims know exactly what they’re looking for. The Islamic doctrine teaches Muslims how a product meets halal standards. Muslims will even do research first, before paying for a product or a service. Muslims will research on search engines for products or services that meet their needs, such as partitioned exercise gyms, boys only swimming pools or girl only swimming pools.

These identifiably sincere keywords may go under the radar for most American consumer groups, but in actuality, these key phrases that meet the halal standard are very important to Muslim consumers. It’s even more important for your brand especially if you’re a service or provide a service that can meet these needs. Muslim are searching keywords that meet their halal standards on search engines.

Being Found on Search Engines

Why is it important to be found on search engines? Because almost all online users looking for information use search engines in some shape or form.  If I’m looking to figure out the prayer times in Seattle, Washington, I will probably google search “prayer times in Seattle Washington”. If I’m looking for male-only boarding schools in my state, I will use such keywords to help me better my understanding of what results are out there. Search engines are a tool for consumers to use to find useful and relevant information. Search engines are also a means for people who have data and information, to publish such useful information, and then allow the indexing procedures within search engines to put that published data into the spotlight for relevant search queries.

Essentially, it’s important for you to understand the value of SEO in the modern age. To be found and to be respected in the global market, it’s important for you to be found under relevant search terms. If you’re found, that just offers your brand more recognition as a result that’s relevant to a search term people are searching. If you’re considered more relevant by Google, you’re more than likely going to earn the respect of searchers who are looking for what you offer.

SEO Is Important in the Halal Industry

SEO is a very valuable tool for anybody who wants their information, brand, or service/product to be found. Search engines are by far, one of the most important digital tools around on the internet. Search engines will index information, so consumers, or data-driven geeks such as myself who care about the now and the know-how, etc., find useful and relevant information that meets our needs.

People are using search engines, making search engines one of the most important, and major factor for this modern digital age. If you’re not being found on search engines, you’re missing out on traffic, and the relevant branding of your website. It’s important to be found on search engines because that’s the modern-day value of a good brand position.

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